Our mission:
To help people, communities and businesses to create, visualize, and share new ideas.

At Nitoku we are developing technologies to help communities to create, visualize and share new ideas, we believe that better ideas are generated when people have better ways to communicate and visualize their information.

What are we currently working on to achieve our mission?🔗

Providing a better platform for teams to manage their knowledge.🔗

Think about the problem of two music teams from different countries conducting a research project. How they share music? How they share and collaborate on their project management data? How they collaborate to create their research tools?

They first need to agree on which tools and which versions of those tools they will use; they also need to agree which software application they will use for storing their music, maybe they will settle with Microsoft project for project management data and excel macros for data processing. For storing and distributing data results they could use email or some cloud storage tool.

If you have experienced this workflow you know that the configuration for this ecosystem become very fragmented, and distributing information, particularly managing versions of data and tools, become error prone and time consuming.

At Nitoku we keep developing functionality that will enable the integration of data and tools on the same platform, therefore striving to solve most of the problems of the fragmented scenario described above.

What are our next steps?🔗

Improve Search-ability on the platform.🔗

Apart from word of mouth, currently, the only way to discover new blocks or styles is to search for them on the Documentation. We are implenting search functionality to help users find the styles, blocks and teams that they need.

Keep developing and investing on Nitoku's block technology.🔗

Users needs are satisfied when they are able to run the program that solve their data problem. Blocks are those programs, and though we have already develop some "Low-hanging fruit" blocks. We still have a long way before achieving the block ecosystem that we envision.

The blocks that we have already developed were easy to implement, we have released them as open source blocks for everyone to copy and use as they please. At present, blocks provide valuable functionality but they struggle to support some business applications.

We will keep developing Nitoku's block technology to allow very large applications, e.g. a cost management application, ERP applications, large statistical programs, etc... to be developed and deployed on Nitoku at a fraction of the cost compared with competing platforms.

Social network development.🔗

Implement social network type functionality to allow teams to broadcast information to their users and for user to interact with their teams.