Text editor block

This block uses a rich text editing application to modify page contents, just insert a markdown block with the reference @nitoku.public/editor and edit your page with a rich text editing application. You can see an example below of the block definition:


After you insert the block definition, if you hover over the line where the block was inserted, a small edit icon will become visible, clicking on the Edit icon will open the text Editor.

See an example of a working text editor block below 👇 hover over the image and then click the Edit icon.


Block configuration🔗


How to use Google Fonts🔗

Add a json structure at the begging of the block with the fonts that you would like to use, see an example below:

"googleFonts": [ "Bungee+Inline", "Lovers+Quarrel", "Press+Start+2P" ]

You can see the installed fonts under Format > Formats > Fonts


Info and Warnings🔗