Nitoku is a platform designed to create and manage documents. Documents are managed as web pages. If you’re not a developer, don’t sweat it, you don't need to know HTML to create Nitoku's web pages, documents are created with the markdown language, an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format that enable non developers to create valid web pages. Moreover, we have extended the way that you can use markdown blocks and styles for your pages. Sharing, creating and visualizing your own custom documents becomes easier than ever.

Standard markdown provides only text and easy formatting, however a web page will be very limited if it can only show simple formatted text, hence Nitoku provides a standard set of building blocks (e.g. charts) that can be included on your documents.

Nitoku's blocks are a bit different compared with traditional data visualization tools found on legacy document platforms. With blocks, of course, you can include a chart on your document, but blocks are also connected to the Internet, they can update themselves and show live information e.g. include a form, a graph editor application or a chat room on your page, show a video, show live company data, countdown information, etc. You can see a list of popular blocks here and some examples on the carousel below.


Nitoku Japanese characters 二徳 symbolize our two values, freedom and creativity. We want to create a platform following these values, a platform where experimentation, evolution, and interplay of ideas can thrive.

We want to get people working together in communities to create and construct things, to achieve this it is critical that they are able to collaborate on small chunks of work, not whole pages but instead collaborate on components. At Nitoku, users can include a page by uri reference into one or more other pages, share design styles and use blocks components. Blocks allow reuse of software on your own pages without the need to reinvent the wheel every time that we need to create a new web experience.

At Nitoku you can add your own functionality with blocks, and customize pages using your own style. Blocks and styles let you create any type of web page with no constraints.