Nitoku is a unique community that helps you create and share content with co-workers, researchers, classmates and friends.

Nitoku's platform is structured as a social network of teams and users, on the platform, users create and manage documents as web pages. If you’re not a developer, don’t sweat it, you don't need to know HTML to create Nitoku's web pages, documents are created with the markdown language, an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format that enable non developers to create valid web pages.

Standard markdown provides only text and easy formatting, however a web page will be very limited if it can only show simple formatted text, hence Nitoku provides a standard set of building blocks (e.g. charts) that can be included on your documents.

And now, magic!🔗

But if you don’t find exactly the block that you need to visualize your data the way you want, don't worry, that’s where the magic happens. Every team in Nitoku has the tools to create their own blocks, some teams share the blocks that they create with the community and therefore you can reuse them. All blocks provided by Nitoku on @nitoku.public are open source and the source is available for everyone to use and copy. E.g. you could find the source code for the map block above here and the graph block here.

This document was itself created using Nitoku; you can see the source for it on Nitoku landing. Click on the edit page icon. Happy editing!