/ Company name🔗

Nitoku Europe S.L.

/ Cooperate URL🔗


/ Company incorporation day🔗

22 March 2017

/ Capital🔗

Paid-in capital is 3000 Euros ~ 400,000 Yen

/ Name of representative🔗

Emilio Diez Martin

/ Occupation of representative🔗


/ Representative’s date of birth🔗


/ Person in charge (Name)🔗

Emilio Diez Martin

/ Occupation of person in charge🔗

As above, CEO

/ email address of person in charge🔗


Number of employees🔗


/ Product launch date  (estimate)🔗

December 2018

/ Reference URL of product🔗


/ Our product (Brief)🔗

Nitoku is a social network that helps you manage and share data with co-workers, researchers, classmates and friends.

The platform is structured as a social network of teams and users, and access to them is arranged accordingly. Users have access to documents, team management, document change control, tools to visualize and transform their data and more.

Nitoku has been designed to work on any device, desktop and mobile.

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/ Why our product is more superior to others🔗

Our product is superior to others due to Nitoku's innovative use of social networks. The platform uses the social network in two ways, first to manage information and second to create open tools that visualize and transform users data. We believe that the legacy model of managing information based on the use of folders, files and proprietary tools is obsolete and will struggle to compete with social networks that create long term value for users and are fully integrated with the open web.

/ Business model and market size of our product🔗

Business model. We offer both free and premium services. User on the free service have access to all of the platform functionality but are limited by the resources that they can consume. E.g currently the free account can create upto three teams and 20 pages per team.

Market size : We believe that the market size for applications that help users create and manage documents could be around 1 ~ 2 billions U.S. dollars/year, W understand that around 1 billion/year could be the combined sales for Microsoft office 356 and Google docs/sheet related business, the other half billion to a billion could be the amount for the rest of the products in this market category. Also, if Nitoku is able to tap the market of web applications for enterprise, then we believe that the market size could be close to 20 ~ 50 billions U.S. dollars.

/ Competitors🔗

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies competing in this industry. We understand our main competitors to be as follow:

Traditional document applications.

  • Google Docs, Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word
  • Dropbox paper
  • Zoho Sheet

Dinamic documents / widget type documents applications.

Data management relaying on web application builders.

Software management (but also used as document/data management tools)

Data management relaying on a forum structure

Data management relaying on database/table structures.

Charting and sciences data analysis/Notebooks.

  • Google colaboratory
  • ObservableHQ
  • Azure notebook
  • BioVinci